In Today’s world we often hear these words

Economy Growth

Employment Generation

Poverty Eradication

Child Education

Food & Nutrition

Women Empowerment

And others…

What is that one thing that would change all above and bring about a Positive change?

So, what is the SOLUTION?

It’s MONEY!!!

YES, a sustainable income in hands of all is the Solution to all above.


We at Dave technical Service believe that

  • Offering Business Opportunity in hands of common people
  • Creating conducive environment and offering a platform to enable MICRO Industry development from grass root level in the country
  • Encouraging SME's and NEW START-UPS

is crucial for the growth of any country’s economy and progress towards Prosperity.


Where we have specially developed sustainable Small PROJECTS to aid Small Micro industry development that are:

  • Low Cost (Ranging from 4 - 9 Hundred Thousand INR)
  • Single phase operating (Work in Office/Garage/ farm - No industrial zone required - Non-Polluting)
  • Fully Auto with PLC controls yet has Simple operations
  • Single machine caters to requirement of different industries providing wide flexibility (We have identified Minimum 12 industries where one can sell and earn)
  • Each project will generate EMPLOYMENT for 2 - 4 people
  • Policy to ensure revenue generation for these start-ups

Once consistent income (source of living) is generated and assured Issues of Child Education, Food & Nutrition, Welfare, Poverty, Women Empowerment and others will start getting addressed

We look forward to work with Local Governments, NGOs, Industry chambers, Associations, others for their support and cooperation in our efforts to provide small projects and earning opportunity with employment generation in the country.

This would bring about positive change in the lives of people and aid to economic development of the regions and country at large.

These projects are equally useful for skill development in

  • Industrial Training Centers (ITI’s)
  • Skill Development training centers (SDC’s)
  • Incubation Centers
  • Self-help groups
  • Women’s empowerment schemes
  • Schemes for Employment generation
  • Micro Industry Development

And can supports “MAKE IN INDIA” & NEW STARTUP call of present time



Enhancing Skill and creating Employment is Utmost Important for development of any local regions and also overall Economy of the country.

Further a person who has crossed Age of 21 mostly lose interest in formal education, going for long duration education programme for many reasons.

Here we propose a SKILL DEVELOPMENT CENTER where the youths can be trained on Machines within 10 days and be put on job (employment) at nearby factories / manufacturing unit.


They can start own venture with very low capital and newly skill acquired to be self-employed and also generate employment for others.

The Centre will have Low budget yet efficient plastic manufacturing equipment like Blow Moulding, Injection moulding, Blow Film Plant, Plastic Recycling, Rotational Moulding and thermoforming equipment’s others can be added as required.

This will offer Hands-on Experience to the youths, confidence to handle and operate equipment independently and make them skilled enough to seek employment.

Key Features:

  • Small Space requirements (~ 500-1000 Sq. foot)
  • Most of the equipment can operate on Single phase power, so be installed in villages, remote areas, other places
  • Short duration courses (within 10 days) to attract youth and give them earning opportunity
  • Enhance skill and generate employment opportunities
  • We offer Training to your staff for all equipment who can further train youth in Local Language
  • We will also Offer course material
  • New courses can be added as per requirement of each region
  • Coaching makes youths independent giving new thinking lines for self-development
  • Further we also offer option of a MOBILE training centre. The whole set-up with 2-3 working plant can move and be utilised to impart training by going places, covering large area and will be more convenient and cost effective

These efforts will bring in large numbers of non-productive youth in the country in mainstream industry and get them involved and in turn aid development of the region.

Give a man a fish; you feed him for a day.

Teach him to fish, and you feed him for life.

To do that, we must get them Access to the RIGHT TOOLS…….to Succeed


Machines for Educational Training in Engineering Colleges, Incubation & Skill Development Centers

Offering real-time practical experience forms the basics of any learning activities.

So to offer the same to students in engineering colleges and technical institutes, we at Dave Technical Service have specially developed Compact (Mini) Plastics Machine models

These are single phase operating requiring small space, minimum resources and are Low cost.

These machines apart from Training are also ideal for colleges and institutes to install and do commercial production or contract manufacturing job on the same offering dual advantage

  • Industry experience to students

    Students in batch of 2/3 can handle machine doing commercial production for few hours per week. Also they be involved to interact with customer for issues on quantity requirements, part quality, output, part properties and testing, others giving them exposure to actual industry working pattern and atmosphere.

  • It will also generate revenue for the institute


  • Practical Hands ON experience of machine working during learning stage
  • Better in-depth understanding of processing technique and fundamentals, machine parameters and mould setting, trouble shoots and guidelines for achieving quality production
  • Offers overall feel of process and also inspires students to work independently
  • Results in enhanced confidence and create platform for practical learning and evaluations.
  • Offers thinking lines for new ideas and promotes Innovations
  • Post college completion Students will be more confident to get Jobs or set up own industry while providing employment opportunities for others.

These projects are equally useful for skill development in Industrial Training Centers (ITI’s)

Skill Development training centers (SDC’s) & Incubation Centers

Empowering students with practical knowledge and skills will create bigger talent pool in the country and bring about positive development in the country.